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This past week while we were busy launching our newest collection, Made in North Carolina ties, we took some time to sit down with someone that has played a large role in our expansion...Cooper.

About 6 months ago, Cooper reached out to us about possible ways he could help out with OLE MASON JAR.  He had a sense of style, great personality and an incredible passion, so we brought him on as our intern. That passion has not diminished, and has played a major role in helping get our brand to the next level. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cooper Lindel, the man who has helped us out tremendously over the past few months.

Cooper Lindel

Age: 21

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

School: Studying Business Management conc. Entrepreneurship at Appalachian State University

Hobbies: Playing music (mostly bass), Fraternity, Hanging out with friends (yes, I consider it a hobby), Tennis, Golf, some other stuff too probably

Favorite band: Ah man, talk about an impossible question. The Roots, Steely Dan, Dave Matthews Band, Action Bronson, The Avett Brothers, Lake Street Dive, Nas, Led Zeppelin, The Who… the list goes on for miles. I guess if I had to pick one to listen to exclusively for eternity, it’d be between The Roots and DMB.

Favorite clothing brand: Another really hard question. I’ve gotten pretty into Original Penguin recently. Their stuff is a little quirky without straying from relatively classic forms IMO, and I dig that. That being said, if you need denim Raleigh Denim is the way to go without a doubt. Those pants are bulletproof. Boots, I like Red Wing a whole lot, Clarks too. Classier shoes have to be Allen Edmonds. My closet has Jack Spade, Brooks Brothers, All Saints, J. Crew, Naked and Famous, Banana Republic, life/after/denim, and more. Variety is the spice of life.

Where I see myself in 5 years: In 5 years I’d like to be working for OMJ. That’s the dream right there. Otherwise, my plan is to be working toward business school for my MBA. I grew up a UVA Wahoo, so Darden Business School is where I’d like to be once the time is right.

What led me to want to be a part of OMJ: A number of factors led to my wanting to be a part of OMJ. I have a natural love of entrepreneurship and growing organizations. There is nothing more satisfying, in my mind, than building and growing something from the ground up, and watching it develop into more than you ever thought possible.

Also, I really dig clothes. Dressing well just feels good, and the way you look has a significant impact on the way you are perceived by those around you. Everyone should look in the mirror every morning and think “Damn, I look good!” If you don’t, check out some OMJ stuff or any of the brands I threw out above.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the passion for this company I see in Brad and Filipe is astounding. It’s the kind of drive that separates success and failure, and I want to be part of that success. If you’re only as good as the company you keep, I think I’m doing pretty well.

Favorite thing about OMJ: My favorite thing about OMJ is our commitment to North Carolina and to our community. I have a lot of love for my home state, and helping to grow our economy and put food on our families’ tables is really something special.




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Looks like a great get! Hope he brings big things to y favorite company of all time

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